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Yeat - Money so big

Yeat - Money so big
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  • Длительность: 2:40
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Опубликовано: 18 февраль 2022
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Текст песни
Yeah, my money big body, my money Tonka
No, I don't need you, I really don't want you (Damn, Trgc made that?)
My money be twerkin', my money do dances (Woah)
Yeah, shut up
I already heard you, I don't wanna answer
You ruin everything you touch, you a cancer (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I'm on the side where we win, no
You not that guy 'cause I'm him, yeah
I ride that big body right out the lot, it's a GLE, came with a tint
I don't wanna hear none of the shit that you sayin', you cap out your chinny-chin-chin (None)
I'm rockin' the latest designer, the finest of fur, that's that chinchilla skin (Yeah)
They tryna copy the wave and I told them they can't even surf a wave on it, yeah
They steady been copying my sound, they some birds, they a parrot if I'm being honest, yeah
Why you been cappin' 'bout your whole life? (Yeah)
How is you rappin' 'bout a whole lie? (How?)
How you stay rappin' 'bout these damn drugs you ain't ever tried once your whole life? (Cap)

Yeah, these kids is some motherfuckin' burgers, I'm callin' them Five Guys
Yeah, these kids frier than a grease ball, yeah, he fried-fried
I just pulled up in that Bentley, that bitch got them frog eyes
They tryna bite the swag but they bitches biting our dicks
I count every time she sucked me up, this a hundred and sixty licks (Woah)
Can't even count the songs I made in a month, that's a hundred and sixty hits (Yeah)
They say, "Yeat, you keep on evolving, how you so steady with it?" (Woah)
They say, "Yeat, how your pockets swollen? You gotta show me that shit" (Woah)
'Bout to tell you how I'm doin' and shit
I got the devil on my phone, he told me, keep doin' this shit
Yeah, devil taught me how to get rich
Yeah, how many bands? six-six
Twizz in a minivan, couple of big sticks
Bitch 'bout to ride me like she on a RipStik
Yeah, they said, "What's that red on your chest?" I told 'em, "that's your bitch lipstick"
Yeah, I pulled up in a Tonka and a helicopter, I'm goin' nuts
Yeah, I had a fifty band and I turned it to a honeybun
Didn't even need to go sign me a deal for these flawless diamonds, bitch, I'm already up
I got a lil' thotty, that bitch is the baddest, she up in that coupe on me, suckin' me up
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